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While living on the East Coast, it is much easier going over the Atlantic than it is living on the West Coast.  It's roughly the difference between a seven hour flight and a fourteen hour flight.  While there were a lot of favorite "local" trips from New England that we enjoyed (Tanglewood in Lenox, MA, Saratoga Springs, NY in August, the Mohonk Mountain House in New Paltz, NY and Quebec City, Canada), international travel was a real passion.  The list below is of previous extended vacations by myself and with Judy after 1993.


  1974 Morocco
  1975 Spain
  1976 Greece
  1976 Turkey
  1978 Morocco
  1979 Greece
  1979 Israel
  1980 Holland
  1984 Italy
  1985 Greece
  1985 Italy
  1989 Spain
  1989 Morocco
  1995 Italy
  1997 Italy
  1998 Italy
  1999 Italy
  2005 Italy
  2007 Italy


In addition to these "extended vacations," there were many more international trips related to Judy being a flight attendant with American Airlines.  I accompanied her on dozens of her working trips, mainly to London and Paris.  She of course logged hundreds of trips to those two cities as well as to Brussels, Stockholm and even Reykjavik!

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